Agua potable rural sustentable en Sepultura

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Junta de Vecinos Pan de Azúcar
Nº of Families helped: 


1.- Execution of the deep well, financed by the Municipality of San Javier, this is located at the headquarters of the Junta de Vecinos.
2.- Country Service Visit and Water Challenge (Arauco) to see, know and record the points where the future beneficiary families are located.
3.- Pumping Test which was executed by the department “Water Challenge of the Arauco company” and the results were as follows:
Deep well test JJ.VV. Pan de Azúcar - San Javier
The maximum flow measured in the Variable test was 7 l / s.
The constant flow test was carried out for 24 continuous hours and a flow rate of 6.3 l / s was extracted.
A 5.5 HP three-phase submersible pump was used that was installed at 36 meters.
Electric power was supplied by a 30 KVA generator.
Level measurements were made with a well.
The water was channeled (piped) to an existing culvert on the side of the road.
4.- With the information gathered in point 2, Country Service, design the drinking water network Which until now has not been possible to execute, due to lack of a real measurement of the land since there are slopes with different heights and because they do not know what type of pump they can use to extract and drive water to homes.
It is then that in a meeting with Desafío Agua de Arauco, they promised to hire specialized external services so that they come to the territory and make the measurements and dimensions of everything necessary for a proper functioning of the drinking water network and manage the corresponding permits. Due to the stages of sanitary restrictions that have been going through this pandemic, it has not been able to advance further.