Bioconstrucciones Para La Vida Comunitaria

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Centro de Culturas Originarias KAWSAY
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The first phase of the work has been various meetings of agreements and consensus with the community organization of the Cuñurani Subcentral, with them it has been decided in an organic community way, who are the 12 beneficiary families of the project.
The construction of the 12 biohomes, in the social organizational part, is based on traditional community systems, while in the technical part they are being based on traditional artisanal construction systems. To carry out the work, they have agreed with the organization to recover and strengthen community work systems based on principles of reciprocity and complementarity. As a summary, they show the following table (planning): March: Gathering of material, cleaning the land, leveling the land
April: Excavation, foundation.
May: Elaboration of adobes. The elaboration of adobes requires straws. The traditional straws with which the adobes were made and were also used for the roofs, unfortunately they no longer exist, these have disappeared due to the effect of erosion generated by animals, but mainly due to the climatic changes that they have affected the local ecosystems of these regions in the last decades, for this reason it is that now, the community members are obliged to use straw generated in wheat crops and are conditioned to the natural rhythms of wheat production.
June: Walls
July: Roofs
August: Interior and exterior plastering, door and window placement.
The status of progress in the elaboration of adobes and construction of walls is as follows: of the 12 beneficiary families, 6 have managed to elaborate their adobes, completing 90% of their availability for construction. The walls of another 2 bio-houses have already been raised with adobe that already counted from the year 2020, however, it was not enough to complete up to the roof level and they must complete the elaboration of adobes. For another 4 bio-houses, they are in the process of making adobes.
- Item 4: Walls / walls
To date, 8 biohomes have been able to build stone and adobe walls, of which only 4 have been able to complete the walls / walls to an optimal level for roofing, 4 biohomes are 70% high. The other 4 bio-houses are in the process of making adobes.