Comunidades Resilientes ante el Covid-19

Year Execution: 
El Salvador
Organization in Charge: 
Fundación Salvadoreña de Desarrollo y Vivienda
Nº of Families helped: 


The work carried out until August 2021 is described below, in the territories where the actions are carried out:
a) Nuevo Ilamatepec Community (Santa Ana)
In order to improve the community’s drinking water distribution network, 100 meters were installed to regulate the use of water resources, PVC pipe, control valves and micrometers were used in each home with their respective box. The support of families in the work crews has been important according to the assigned days, emphasizing that the placement of the home meters is to regulate the consumption of the vital liquid per family, resulting in:
- Decrease in irrational use of water.
- Reduction in the consumption of electrical energy used to pump water from the community well,
Regarding the training and awareness-raising process aimed at the community and the community’s social organizations, the contents were explained: current water problems andacro and micro measurement: developing capacities on the operation, maintenance and repair of meters located in homes.
In the case of the establishment of agroecological gardens, the land in which the integrated garden is located has been fenced, with approximate dimensions of 200 square meters (m2), 150 tomato seedlings, 80 sweet pepper seedlings and 60 seedlings have been transplanted jalapeño pepper.

b) Cantons Yomo / Yomito and Potrerillo (Alegría, Usulután)
The activities that have been implemented in the territory are the following:
- Held general assemblies with the community to publicize the project, sign a mutual aid agreement, and explain the organization of work crews.
- A census has been carried out in Yomo and Yomito, where 378 families have been identified.
- The construction of eight cantareras has been completed. These have been built to bring the water service closer to the families of the intervention territory, since the distance and the displacement that each family must make to provide themselves with water is great.
- 12 rainwater collection systems have been installed to promote the collection of domestic rainwater.
- In Potrerillos, the installation of a new water tank to collect water has been supported.
- With the orchards component, progress has been made in the organizational process of new families to join