Continuidad Y Réplica Para La Integración Socio E

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Fundacion De Promocion Para El Cambio Socio Habita
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The project’s stage, between the months of June and August, has been characterized by the restrictions generated by Covid19, in its third outbreak.
Stage of delivery of materials by self-management

• Acquisition of materials by EAT Procasha
• Distribution of materials by each subgroup and the EAT Procasha
• 4th Delivery: Datplas (Pipes and Water Installation Accessories), Aluminum Carpentry Maraz Glass (Aluminum doors and windows), Plast Bol (Sanitary Set), Comercial Constru Center (tanks), Comercial Mass Soluciones (Ceramic), Hardware store Carlitos (PVC pipe and accessories for Wetlands installation, Electrical installation.
• 5th Delivery: Aluminum Carpentry Doors and Windows.
Stage Execution of the Work.
• Training of participating homes for the construction process of fine work
• Workshops: Installation of Water, Placing of Sanitary Devices (Toilet, Sink). Electrical Installation (Shower, switch and outlet)
• Definition of delivery of work: Provisional delivery August 31 and Final delivery Tuesday September 7, with signature of delivery certificates.
• 95% execution of works: 3 new houses, 20 improvements, 30 bathrooms and 16 ???
• 95% progress in the execution of gray water reuse systems with laundries.

In the context of COVID, the work carried out is divided into two processing stages; the first one that directly involves JV Plan 700 Alto and La Pampilla Settlement, the objective of which is that families can assemble their regularization folders and introduce them to the commune to start the process before the expiration date of Law 247 - 1227; and the second one that involves the JV Plan 700 San Miguel whose short-term objective is that the Municipal Council can prepare and approve a Municipal Law of alienation for subsequent submission to the plurinational legislative assembly (in La Paz) with the names of the beneficiaries.