Familias post COVID mejoran su calidad de vida

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Corporación Viviendas Del Hogar De Cristo
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The work carried out for the SELAVIP Project has meant identifying families in situations of vulnerability and poverty that cannot access a credit of more than $ 1000.00. It should be noted that most of the beneficiaries are engaged in informal work. Contact has been made with the leaders of the sectors to identify the families, they have been initially provided information in order to complete the requirements for obtaining housing, mainly the document that certifies the legality of the land.

In the case of the Territory of Quevedo, it has been possible to coordinate with the local authorities to obtain the land from families in extreme vulnerability.
In the different territories, it has been coordinated with the parish GADs so that the selected families can access a certification for the legality of the land. In the Territory of Quevedo, the allocation of the land by Mayor Lic. John Salcedo to the 13 families benefited in the Cooperativa 20 de Febrero, La Tolas sector, generated some situations of confrontation between residents of the sector, because they consider that this sector has been neglected for years in the legalization of the land and that there are families living in the sector who have not been legalized, therefore they have prevented the possession of the land by the beneficiary families.