Since its foundation in the early 70’s, SELAVIP has been funding housing projects to shelter very poor families living in cities of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Our main goal is to promote initiatives to address the most urgent habitat needs of the urban poor. Every year in November, our Board meets in Brussels (Belgium) and provides guidelines that orient the work of our operational unit based in Santiago (Chile).


To support the poorest of poor in securing land title and basic housing so that they can embrace their future with dignity from a stable home.


We are a non-profit organization that supports the construction of new basic, incremental or emergency housing, as well as renovation or repair of poor dwellings with funding, technical assistance, strategic alliances and training material. Our focus includes access to water and sanitation systems, both a prerequisite for decent living conditions. We stimulate neighbourhood development and urban habitat improvements for families of extreme poverty. We insist on the importance of land title for the beneficiaries. Our geographical scope includes developing countries from Latin America, Africa and Asia. Our projects aim for participation of the civil society, public institutions and private sector.