Housing improvement in a poor neighbohood of Posadas

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Misiones Asociación Jardín de los Niños (AJN)
Nº of Families helped: 


40 homeless families living in San Jorge settlement in dire housing conditions were helped to improve their makeshift shelter. AJN reports that in many aspects life of these very poor families are now better than before. Houses have proper floors, iron sheets for roofing and renovated wooden walls. Old pit latrines were replaced by bathrooms connected to an improved sewage disposal system, and electrical wiring and appliances renovated. These improvements contribute to create a healthier and safer environment both for these families and the community as a whole. The families assumed a leading role during the implementation of this project, helped by their neighbours and friends in the settlement. A local workers cooperative was formally engaged to implement construction work. By involving the whole community, AJN could help create stronger links among all families, and promote cooperation towards most vulnerable households. The local Municipality was also invited to collaborate. When organizing a campaign to weed and clean the project´s area, officials became aware of the critical needs of this community, and agreed to further help them so they can have a better access to education, health and income generating opportunities. A meeting will be held with direct beneficiaries, to celebrate that the project is completed. The group plans to collect more funds to improve houses of other deserving families. Withdrawal of funds transferred for this project was difficult because of restrictions that now operate in Argentina for foreign currency. The bank in Europe was helpful to provide documents required by the local banking system.