Mujeres Construyendo Comunidades Sostenibles

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Hábitat para a Humanidad Bolivia
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Giving continuity to the construction process in this stage, the items were carried out: piping of electrical installations, water, sewage, floor emptying, ceramic plaster placed on floors in shower and bathroom.
In the city of La Paz, hydraulic tests and repairs were carried out in the hydrosanitary system in case of any failure, the beneficiaries who will have the tents and urban gardens were selected, proceeding to the construction of the tent, preparation of the land and the sowing of the first seedlings in these families.

The electrical, water and sewerage installations were carried out by the installation technicians with the help of each beneficiary family, the subfloor emptying, plastering and ceramic laying were carried out by the families with the assistance of the women builders. The construction of the orchards was advised by the Ceprosi foundation, our allies in this project, this foundation also provided the necessary help for the preparation of the land and the plantation.
An arrangement was made with the Autonomous Municipal Government of Cochabamba to remove the used tires from the sanitary landfill (K ́ara K ́ara), these tires have been used for the window frames and the bathroom and / or shower cover, a total of 1200 tires approximately. The Cochabamba Lions club has supported the collection of 2 and 3 liter PET bottles with the families a total of 5,000 bottles. Thanks to the contest won in 4th place, the cost of screws, millimeter mesh, which were used in the walls, window and roof in the 60 sanitary modules, electrical installations, water and sewerage, being a more specialized work, was carried out. by technicians hired with funds from the contest.