Habitat Equitable et Durable de Minkoameyos

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Collectif Interafrican des Habitants CIAH Cameroon
Nº of Families helped: 

CIAH and the community selected the beneficiaries based on open criteria (poorest of poor, widows, orphans, women headed households, elderly, etc.) Representatives of participants and of CIAH formed a committee to set up norms that guarantee safe and permanent habitat conditions, to follow up the building process and to organiz training activities. Local authorities were informed about the project and encouraged to provide support and funds. Based on a survey that identified specific housing needs, the selected participants plastered the walls and/or renovated the roof of their homes. Latrines were also built using local materials. A permanent relation with the community made possible to address many other issues to contribute to a safe environment. Some problems faced are: i) difficulties to create awareness about the importance of a healthy environment among the slum dwellers; ii) increase of costs of building materials and transport; iii) limited participation of local authorities; iv) other resources that would be geared to the project were less than expected. This reduced the number of families from 20 to 14. Still, the initiative managed to create a positive attitude of slum dwellers and public authorities towards improvements of precarious habitat in Yaoundé. Contact: Joseph Fumtim jfumtim@yahoo.com