Improvement of Christian Community Slum

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Al ah Development Organization
Nº of Families helped: 

The people of the slum in H-9 Rimsha Colony and Akram Gill Colony Islamabad (Ca- pital territory) had been living previously on a land that was an individual’s property. They had to leave and moved to their current locality i.e. H-9 Islamabad. Some of them erected their houses by themselves. Some people were left without shelter and some with incomplete ones as some of them couldn’t a ord to build toilets etc. Most of the community is living on structure of walls without roof. Some are living in tents. This project focused on these 72 families which have the lowest incomes among the whole community. The target community has facilitated the work by helping to build toilets (dimensions : 0,91 x 1,21 m) and made the general house repairs. The main issue faced by the NGO has been related to the fact that the streets are narrow and congested, it was di cult to unload the material at once. Since the majority of the families work during day time, most of the work was completed at night. Due to water unavailability, somehow the families had to buy the water to work so far.