Safe houses for disaster victims

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Fundación Desarrollo & Viv. Mín. (FUNDASAL)

FUNDASAL helps 64 very poor families living in disaster prone areas of the Municipality of Sacacoyo to upgrade their settlements. Basic houses are being built for 10 families who lost their homes during landslides and floods, and 54 families have already constructed eco-friendly toilets to replace their precarious pit latrines. Families were organized into working groups to self-build the toilets with technical support granted by professionals from FUNDASAL. They all strove to complete the woks as soon as possible. Now that pit latrines no longer contaminate underground water, drinking water obtained from a communal well no longer causes health and environmental problems. Constant and enthusiastic participation of all inhabitants of the slums allowed for accelerated progress in construction. The 10 houses are built on land that could eventually be flooded because it is near to the river, so they were designed with high foundations that will prevent water from entering. Thus families who were dwelling in temporary shelter in critical condition will have permanent and secure housing. The Municipality co-financed this project and facilitated land at no cost to build the new houses. It also facilitated coordination necessary for obtaining the building permits and land ownership certificates on behalf of the 10 families who will own the dwellings. 54 latrines are completed and in operation while construction of houses will be finished in the coming months. Inauguration will be in October, and all key actors will be invited. Community leaders will continue working with the support of FUNDASAL to identify and implement new projects to improving the quality of life of their people.