Housing Improvement in a poor neighbourhood of Posadas

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Integración Para el Desarrollo (INPADE)
Nº of Families helped: 

30 homes were built in three communities belonging to the canton of in Vila Vila- Sivingani, with a method traditionally used by indigenous people (ayni), at the same time integrating the technical experience of various other stakeholders. Local labor force was supervised by a technical staff and an experienced builder native to the region. Special importance was given to the use of local building materials, to offer an option both affordable and culturally adequate. Improved techniques are applied to adobe construction to obtain a better quality. To provide greater durability, houses have solid foundations and walls are plastered to make them waterproof. INPADE has worked for years to help communities to adapt their homes so inhabitants are protected against mosquitoes and other vectors that transmit chronic diseases. Four workshops were developed to socialize and to train project beneficiaries, both men and women, on this matter, and to organize the building process. The three communities manufactured the bricks required to build the houses and collected sand and stones for the excavations. The municipality of Vila Vila agreed to finance the costs of transporting materials that were purchased elsewhere.