Programa De Emergencia Habitacional

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Fundación Vivienda
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Regarding the ETEX support, the FV comments that during the month of July they have received the economic contribution from ETEX and continue to work together. It is worth mentioning that this donation is intended for the social real estate (inmobiliaria social), supporting the work of developing and co-managing projects that allow building sustainable and integrated neighborhoods for vulnerable communities. In this mission they are closely related to ETEX, with whom they continue to work on finding models that allow them to adapt and apply the company’s materials to Real Estate projects to improve social housing in Chile by changing public policy.
They are currently working on the DS49 housing project in the Til Til commune (ETEX wall specification stage) and evaluating the opportunity to participate in the Barrio Evolutivo (develop a façade panel system) and the Leasing Project in Chillán and Atacama. Finally, it should be noted that the Real Estate operations team is scheduled to visit the ETEX Showroom to learn more about the company’s supply of materials that could be applied to other projects.