Habitat Development of Child Sponsorship Program

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Cochin Social Service Society CSSS
Nº of Families helped: 

The project addressed a special category of homeless poor and those others living in precarious housing conditions: mostly widowed mothers shouldering responsibility of the family with mean resources. 100 families were selected for the project with the local WIDS (Women's Integrated Development Societies) working under CSSS, and upon verification of a professional team. The families worked with maximum participation and sense of belongingness derived from the group. The implementation of the project progressed in strict adherence of the time schedule and accordingly all houses were completed within 8 months. The houses are more or less of uniform pattern with a room measuring 120 sq. ft. and kitchen 60 sq. ft. Some have either extended or remodeled due to the land availability. The structure of the houses is solid with masonry rubble foundation, plastered brick walls and reinforced concrete roof. Most of the houses have been occupied; the remaining will be put into use after the blessing on an auspices day. The project has stabilized the life of these vulnerable families.They now have a stable home and are relieved of anxities of existential insecurity. Contact: Fr. Johnson Chirammel chirammelj@yahoo.com