Improving Temporary Resettlement Area

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Environment and Development in Action in Vietnam- ENDA Vietnam

Enda Vietnam works with the city authority to find land and housing solutions for relocated households living in temporary areas such as Xom tieu. With the support from SELAVIP enda obtained a resolution by the People's Committee (PC) of Binh Dinh Province recognizing Xom Tieu as a stabilized residential area. According to a recent policy they now have a right to buy and legalize their temporary houses. Based on legal documents regarding housing policy and housing and land pricing, a leaflet was distributed to the community to inform about these issues. The community was also informed about the new housing policy of the Province and City, and received assistance to complete the registration procedure for the purchase of their houses. The city authorities were helped to prepare an adequate scheme to address housing pricing and selling that responded to the communities expectations. Households of Xom Tieu integrate saving groups and save regularly to buy their houses. SELAVIP funds are to help the poorest households. By now, the area of Xom tieu is in the process of becoming a permanent residential area. This experience which combines community-based credit fund, the promotion of good relationship between local authority and people and a participative approach can initiate a new way of providing housing to relocated groups. It could also promote changes in housing policy of Viet Nam. Contact: Mr. Bang Anh Tuan