People - Centered Rehabilitation Strategies

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SELAVIP and Others

SELAVIP decided to promote a discussion about the possibility to deal with the catastrophic situation after the earthquake and tsunami with strategies that incorporate people and their organizations both in the planning, decision making and implementation of the rebuilding activities. By socializing our international experience on post disaster with others accumulated during the process and by connecting communities and referents such as Universities and local governments, the project showcased the advantages of people-centered rehabilitation in various events. A project called “Arpilleras: Artesanía y Memoria” will be developed with Habitat International Coalition, the Corporación SUR and Fundación Solidaridad. It will organize workshops in the emergency camps of Dichato, a coastal urban centre heavily affected by the tsunami. By working together to embroider their memories, women will establish a social network to share their feelings and overcome their traumas. Eventually the project will create an income generating activity as the women will be able to sell their handicraft to tourists and visitors. This approach was also supported by SELAVIP in Indonesia after the tsunami, and is expected to ease the dramatic consequences of this natural disaster on the psychological health of the poor. Funds are still available for other activities that come up during the reconstruction phase. Contact: