Repairing Classrooms

Organization in Charge: 
Caritas Nepal and Jesuit Refugee Service

Caritas Nepal has been working with Bhutanese Refugee Children for the past one and half decades. United Nations efforts have begun to settle the refugee families in a third country due to lack of progress made in finding political solution (and their desired repatriation to their country Bhutan). Although the third country settlement advances, it will take some time for a significant number of the refugee families to leave. Hence, Caritas Nepal continues providing education to the refugee children and youth. For the past three years SELAVIP has been supporting the repair of 633 classrooms in these camps. During 2009, 167 rooms were renovated out of the total 683. The budget was approved for 127 rooms, but a gain in the exchange rate made possible to repair 40 additional rooms. Even if the camp schools are of temporary nature -bamboo and thatch and sandwich panel roofing- this year they became semi-permanent by adding brick walls and plastering. Skilled and unskilled human resource came from the refugee communities. Now, the students and teachers have a healthy and safe learning environment. Direct beneficiaries are 23.676 students; 95,774 refugees are also indirectly benefited by this project. Contact: Fr. K. B. Bogati