Solid Ground Security Of Tenure Project, Makululu

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Habitat for Humanity Zambia
Nº of Families helped: 


The project is implemented in collaboration with Kabwe Municipal Council and Medeem Zambia Limited. The key deliverables in the stated period include the following:
a) Signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA): The MoA was signed to create a tripartite collaboration between HFHZ, Kabwe Municipal Council and Medeem Zambia.
b) Project Launch.
c) Beneficiaries Identification and Selection: 279 vulnerable families were identified and selected as project beneficiaries using HFHZ’s standard selection criteria. The key selection criteria included family income, housing condition, family size, family head status, vulnerability, feasibility.
d) Data Collection and Mapping: HFHZ supported Medeem Zambia to collect data and mapping.
e) Processing and Issuance of Licenses: HFHZ working with the Municipal Council, supported the 279 vulnerable families with filling in and submission of application forms for obtaining occupancy licenses. Further, HFHZ facilitated the processing of 279 applications for occupancy licenses for owners out of which 100 occupancy licenses were initially issued and handed over. The processing of the remaining 179 certificates by the municipality is in progress.
f) System strengthening: HFHZ provided technical and system strengthening support to Kabwe Municipal Council to improve efficiency and effectiveness on the issuance of security of tenure documentation. W the project burn rate of 63%, HFHZ hereby requests to spend the remaining balance of $13,436 with a no-cost extension to facilitate the processing and issuance of 50 additional occupancy certificates for the vulnerable households. This will bring the total certificates issues to 329. The variance is due to exchange rate gains at the time of conversion.