Vivienda Social, San José Xepatan, Chimaltenango

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Asociación Constru Casa
Nº of Families helped: 


The goal of the project is to support a total of 85 families in the community of San José Xepatan, Patzún, Chimaltenango with 25 social housing units and 60 washable toilets.
The objective of social housing has been met, building a total of 25 houses according to the application submitted and initially approved. 48 washable toilets have been built with 100 % of the construction. 12 toilets must still be built, the construction process and the installation of doors will be completed by September 6. On this date the NGO will be finalizing the project of the 25 houses and 60 toilets as the project was presented in general.

The NGO has had difficulties in raising funds to complement the total cost of the Project, this due to the crisis caused by Covid -19 since it has affected not only health, but also economically-financially, as a consequence international and national donors couldn’t participate regularly. However, with constant efforts the NGO has managed to raise the necessary funds, meeting the work goals.
The inauguration and delivery of the project of the 25 social housing and 60 washable toilets will be a small activity, not as in previous years with all families, taking into account that in Guatemala the infections by Covid-19 and its variants reported daily these are very high figures. For the Constru Casa Association, it is important to preserve the health of families, employees and reduce infection rates through good health practices and avoid crowding of people.