Construction of Houses for Poor Families

Año Ejecución: 
Congo (Kinshasa)
Organización responsable: 
Club de Pauvres
Nº de familias atendidas: 

The poorest of poor in Bunia came together to organize a “club of poor” and build houses for the most vulnerable among its members. 25 simple homes were constructed by the CP for families headed by elderly, widows, orphans and handicapped people. Now that they have their new homes, these “special” families are beginning to save money and establish networks to help each other. Misunderstandings among households who belong to different ethnic and religious groups were left behind as they now recognize that they would not have been able to build their homes without the help of other poor families. Optimism, confidence and hope for a better future prevail among these poor families in Bunia, a city surrounded by war, violence and terror. Nicole Esselen from INUKA supervised this project, and informed that all 25 houses are well built and that the families are plastering the walls themselves. Latrines that CP added with their own resources are being completed. The funds management could be improved with better procedures and documentation in future projects. Contact: Michel SINGO